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About the Compagnie Le Boeuf Bulletin Boards

Compagnie Le Boeuf has create a discussion board in order to allow our members to better share ideas, plan for events ahead, and to discuss the good times we had at events after the week-end ends.

This discussion board is for Compagnie Le Boeuf members only. Anyone who wishes to contact the unit about joining the unit, planning an event, having us come to your school, etc, should contact someone from our Board of Officers via e-mail.

If you are a member, you can access the boards by clicking on the link below and registering for the boards. When you register for the boards, please use your first initial and last name as your login. This makes it easier for the board administrator to recognize you as a member and approve your membership to the board. Please be aware that you will also be sent an e-mail from ProBoards with a link you will have to click on in order to access your account.

Without further ado, The Compagnie Le Boeuf Bulletin Boards: