Gallery of Events

2010 Events

Woods Tactical as Fort La Buse

Cook Forest French & Indian War Encampment

'Year of the Conquest' at Fort Lignonier

Ecole du Soldat

2007 Events

250th Anniversary of the Siege of Fort William Henry

The Grand Encampment III at Crown Point

Fort Niagara F&I Encampment

Custaloga Town F&I War Encampment

Cook Forest F&I Encampment

French Creek & Allegheny River Canoe Trip

250th Anniversary of Riguad's Raid on Fort William Henry

250th Anniversary of the First Battle on Snowshoes

2006 Events

Unit Holiday Dinner

Woods Tactical at Fort La Buse

Fort Ligonier Days

250th Anniversary of the Raid on Kittanning

Old Stone House

250th Anniversary of the Siege of Oswego

Clarion-Limestone School Program

250th Anniversary of DeLery's Raid on Fort Bull

2005 Events

250th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake George

250th Anniversary of Pierre Pouchot's Arrival at Old Fort Niagara

Old Stone House

Braddock's Defeat at Old Bedford Village

Old Fort Niagara F&I Encampment

250th Anniversary of Braddock's Defeat in Braddock, PA

Cook Forest French and Indian War Encampment

Presqu'ile Portage with LTU Students

French Prisoner's Event at Colonial Williamsburg

2004 Events

Winter Encampment at Ft LeBoeuf Museum

Compagnie LeBoeuf Unit Holiday Dinner

Encampment in Franklin, PA

F & I Encampment at Old Fort Niagara

250th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Necessity

250th Anniversary of the Arrival of French Prisoners in Williamsburg Virginia

Canoe Trip on the Clarion River

250th Anniversary of Skirmish at Jumonville Glen

Ecole du Soldat at Old Fort Niagara

2003 Events

250th Anniversary of George Washington's Arrival at Fort LeBoeuf

2002 Events

THE Grand Encampment 2002 Photo Gallery
Encampment Pictures 1-12
Encampment Pictures 12-24
Encampment Pictures 25-36
Encampment Pictures 37-48
Encampment Pictures 49-60
Encampment Pictures 61-72

French Creek Expedition 2002 Photo Gallery
Expedition Pictures 1-12
Expedition Pictures 13-24

Old Fort Niagara F & I Encampment

Cook Forest French and Indian War Encampment

1999 Events

Celoron Expedition 1999 Photo Gallery
Overveiw of Expedition
Expedition Pictures 1-12
Expedition Pictures 13-24
Expedition Pictures 25-36
Expedition Pictures 36-48

60 Years War Photo Gallery
60 Years War Pictures 1-9
60 Years War Pictures 10-18

Louisbourg Grand Encampment 1999
Grand Encampment Pictures 1-12
Grand Encampment Pictures 13-24
Grand Encampment Pictures 25-36
Grand Encampment Pictures 37-48
Grand Encampment Pictures 49-60

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